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Refrigeration Gasket Calculator

Commercial and industrial refrigeration gaskets are usually subject to a lot of wear and tear. Worn, cracked or broken gaskets cost a lot of money due to escaping cold air which wastes electricity. They also provide an ideal, hard-to-clean breeding ground for diseases causing microorganisms. It is a bad day if the health department tells your customer he can’t use his cooler for business purposes because it does not meet minimum health standards.

Linum Europe specializes in manufacturing custom magnetic and compression replacement gaskets !

Simply choose from our online catalogue the gasket profile that matches your original door gasket. Specify dimensions and # of sides and we are able to manufacture the gasket that meets your needs.

For further questions regarding Gasket@Line, please contact us at +32 56 35 92 94 or via email at info@linum.eu.

 Please note that scale may not always be 1:1 – Door gasket frames made to size are not returnable – Please contact us for volume quotations.